Windward Jerky Founders
(From left to right: Anthony Garcia, Steven Boddy, Anthony Coleman)

[From Windward Jerky's September 2019 Kickstarter]

Anthony and Steven first met while attending the same high school in Southern California. Upon graduation they attended rival colleges where they both graduated in 2011, with Anthony earning a B.A. in Business Administration from USC and Steven earning his B.A. in Anthropology from UCLA. Miraculously they stayed friends through this hard time and after college Anthony went on to work with one of the largest independently owned craft breweries in the country based out of San Diego, while Steven entered the sports marketing world in Orange County. Through all of this they constantly kept in contact and their paths converged to start Windward Jerky Company in 2015.

Windward was born from a family recipe on Steven's side, a teriyaki recipe that his grandfather, Steve Largusa, would always bring to family events. And from 2015-2016 the two tested batches of homemade jerky to give (and after constant badgering from more and more people - eventually sell) to family and friends. They formally launched Windward in 2017, naming the company after the windward side of Oahu, the birthplace of Steven's grandma, Gloria. Right away they knew it was going to be a big hit! However, as they realized how much trash they were inevitably producing with conventional food packaging they opted to slow down production and marketing while they tested a new eco-friendly packaging for over a year.

Alas, that brings us here! Joining Anthony and Steven for the next stage of the Windward journey is Steven's cousin - Anthony Coleman. Yes, Steven still struggles with how to differentiate between the two while talking but Anthony (we'll call him Amp) brings more of the Largusa family, flavors, and story-telling to the fold to help push the next phase out to the masses. Join the three as they look to make their shift to 100% sustainability a reality! With your help Windward Jerky will be made with 100% grass-fed & grass-finished beef, the highest quality ingredients, AND sustainable plant-based packaging.