Windward Packaging Evolution


When we developed the idea behind Windward we knew that branding should play a vital role in who we are as a company and where we wanted our journey to lead.  We put a lot of time into determining logos, names, and stories and wanted to share our love of "talkin story" with our Voyagers.  When you open a bag of our jerky we want you to see it as a moment in time where you can stop what you're doing for a few minutes, share with whoever may be around, and reenergize for your trek forward.

This idea has been a driving factor in our goal of moving to 100% custom branded packaging, which we've hit and want to share a bit of that journey with you.  We started in 2015 testing our concept and flavors in generic vacuum sealed bags with color coded sharpie names.  As we moved into 2016 with more of an idea for our brand we tested Windward labels with brown craft bags but ultimately moved to our current form for launch due to constraints with the craft bags - it was a cool idea though.  Finally, our main goal can be seen in the last two images below and we are super stoked with the result and excited to bring the new bags to you starting next month!

Be sure to checkout our Crossroads Launch Contest for a sneak peak and the new bags and earn free store credits! We also want to thank Reddyyeti for featuring us in their December post on the best food to take hiking

Windward packaging evolution