Grass-fed Beef Jerky Benefits

Grass-fed Beef Jerky Benefits

Check below as we hopefully answer any questions you may have about grass-fed beef jerky and how it affects our beef jerky here at Windward.


Why is grass-fed beef better?

  • Grass-fed beef is raised on open pastures.  These cows are never confined to feed-lots.
  • Grass-fed beef is naturally lower in total fat, and doesn't contain any antibiotics or growth hormones.
  • Grass-fed beef is higher in Omega-3 fatty acids, which is crucial to a healthy diet and can reduce the risk of many diseases such as heart disease.
  • Generally speaking, grass-fed beef is cleaner and healthier than conventional corn-fed beef.

So what exactly is corn-fed beef and how does it differ?

  • Cows fed on corn gain more weight, which means they produce more beef per cow that can then be sold to the consumer.
  • Most cows fed on corn are also confined to small feedlots in order for producers to more efficiently control their weights; grass-fed cows are allowed to roam naturally on open pastures.
  • Corn-fed beef has fewer health benefits than grass-fed beef.

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Does grass-fed beef taste different than normal beef jerky?

  • Grass-fed beef produces a little bit stronger of a beef flavor than conventional beef. We also don’t cake on our marinades to our jerky like many other brands, which leaves a better all-around flavor and keeps the integrity of the beef in tact.

Is there a difference in texture with your grass-fed beef jerky?

  • Cows raised on grass pastures don’t produce a huge difference in texture, other than being leaner overall.  However, grass-fed beef jerky does not have a “pressed” or “processed” texture that some lower quality, corn-fed beef, can have.

    Why does grass-fed beef jerky typically cost more than regular beef jerky?

    • Grass-fed beef jerky is more expensive for the simple fact that grass-fed beef in general is more expensive.  We hope as more companies switch to grass-fed beef then the cost will go down and we can transfer those savings to you.  

    Finally, what is the shelf-life of your jerky?

    • At Windward we guarantee a shelf-life of one year for our beef jerky.  We use all-natural preservatives of vinegar powder and celery powder in our jerky.  We never use unnatural ingredients in our bags.  There is always the possibility in a bag getting torn or having a hole in it, which could result in bad or moldy jerky when you open it - if this is ever an issue please let us know and we will gladly send a new bag.


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